All the benefits of Windows 11


 All the benefits of Windows 11

There are several new technologies in Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system. But many people are still hesitant about using Windows 11 because they don't have an idea about it. Let's know the new benefits-

Windows 11 operating system can work faster than Windows 10. Because, Windows 11 has powerful task manager, which can easily manage the work of CPU or Central Processing Unit. And for this reason, using multiple software at the same time does not reduce the speed of the computer like Windows 10. Software like Photoshop or Excel can be used smoothly even after using 90 percent of CPU power. 

Benefits for gamers

Windows 11 features Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) to make graphics cards and SSDs work faster. As a result, better resolution images can be seen while playing games on the computer.

Using multiple monitors 

Windows 11 has external monitor status to easily use multiple monitors. Due to this facility, if the computer is suddenly restarted, the external monitor app used for the external monitor is quickly launched immediately after the computer is turned on.

No missing work or having to restart the app.

 New user interface

Windows 11 has added a new user interface and a redesigned Microsoft Store to provide easier access to apps. 

Advanced security system

Windows 11 has added several security features to prevent virus attacks. Also use the latest version of Microsoft's own Antivirus Defender. 

Updated versions and support

Windows 11 version will be updated every year. Not only that, the technical support facility will also be available for a long time. 

New start menu and taskbar

Windows 11 has moved the start menu and taskbar to the middle like in Mac OS. 

Computers that will run

Computer capacity should be at least 64 GB to run Windows 11. A 64-bit processor with two or more cores of 1 GHz and 4 GB of RAM is required. You can use the software called 'Windows Health Check' to know whether Windows 11 operating system can be used on the computer or not. Software developed by Microsoft can be downloaded and used without root.  

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